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The UK acknowledges Chinese film awards: how it can help migrants

The UK Global Talent Visa committee acknowledged four Chinese film awards. The list includes:

  1. Golden Rooster Awards.
  2. Hundred Flowers Awards.
  3. Golden Horse Awards.
  4. Hainan Island International Film Festival.

All the festivals, except for the last one, are large national events that have been held for decades. The Hainan Island International Film Festival was launched in 2018, but it has already gained respect and significance in the film world.

This is clearly good news for the laureates of the above awards. They are now eligible to apply for a UK Global Talent visa.

What is a Global Talent visa?

Global Talent (previously called Tier 1 Global Talent Visa) is a visa that allows talented people to come to the UK to continue their work here and benefit from a wide range of opportunities offered by this country.

There are three categories in which an applicant can obtain a Global Talent visa:

  • Science and research.
  • Digital technologies.
  • Culture and arts.

An applicant must prove their achievements and show that they have made a significant contribution to the development of science, arts, or IT. A film award is an example of such achievement.

However, it will be wrong to assume that only a renowned director or a scientist who won a Nobel prize can apply for this visa. An applicant must undoubtedly be an expert and promote innovative development in their field. But it is not required for their names to be known outside professional circles.

What opportunities does a Global Talent visa have to offer?

Global Talent Visa UK is issued for 5 years. When it expires, you may either extend it or apply for permanent residence. This visa permits employment, own business activities and self-employment. You will also be able to bring your family to the UK.

How can I apply for a Global Talent visa?

You can obtain this visa either inside the UK or remotely from any other country. If you submit an application outside the UK, it will be processed quicker – in 3 or 4 weeks. For applications submitted inside the UK, the processing can take around 2 months.

An application is processed in two stages. At first, you need to fill in a preliminary application where you should list all your achievements. It will be considered by a special committee that will assess your compliance with the set criteria. If the committee pre-approves your application, you will be able to apply for a visa.

The following documents can be provided as proof of your talent or importance of your contribution:

  • portfolio with your best works;
  • certificates and patents for inventions;
  • academic credentials;
  • media publications or self-published works;
  • membership in professional organisations and associations;
  • letters of recommendation from recognised experts working in the same field.

The above list is not exhaustive. It can also include other documents that prove the applicant’s talent.

If you want to learn whether you can apply for a Global Talent visa and what documents you must prepare, contact our specialists. Imperial & Legal advisors will review your case carefully providing the necessary recommendations and will assist you during the whole process of getting your visa.

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