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The Grenadian government has approved a new investment project

Development of the Beach House by Silversands Hotel has been included into the Grenada citizenship by investment programme. Continue reading to learn how much the shares cost, whether the developer is reliable and how you can get a Caribbean passport on top of that.

What the project will look like when completed

According to the developer’s booklets, the Beach House Hotel will be a luxury boutique holiday destination. Thirty rooms and separate villas will be built on Portici beach not far from the capital city of St. George’s. The hotel design reflects the natural landscape: several rooms will be built right on the beach and several villas will be located on the cliff nearby.

The hotel will have its own Italian restaurant complete with a terrace, a spa, a fitness centre, as well as a watersports centre. You can invest in the Beach House Hotel by acquiring shares. The minimum investment is $220,000.

The Beach House Hotel project is relatively small. Fifty-eight investors are welcome to participate, for the developer has 58 shares to offer. From the very beginning the demand for participation in the project has been high: 35% shares had been booked by the time the sale started. In April 2021, there were only 38 shares available for those who would like to invest in the development and to get Grenadian citizenship.

  1. The investment is easily refunded: the shares must be retained for at least 5 years, but after this investors do not need to look for a buyer. The developer guarantees full buy-out for the original share value.
  2. While you keep the shares, you get dividends. The construction is planned from June 2021 till December 2022. In other words, in eighteen months, the hotel will welcome first tourists and the owner will start to make profit on the hotel, so will the investors. The developer will tell you the exact return as soon as the agreement is signed.
  3. The authorities keep a close eye on the construction. It will be controlled by the Department for Grenada citizenship by investment programme. The government has specifically employed engineers and accountants to visit the site and audit the financial statements. The developer will not have the money transferred to their account until the next stage is complete. This ensures that investors will not find themselves in legal dispute with the developer, as well as that the project will meet the deadline.

Due to the above mentioned factors, investment in the project is perfectly safe and profitable. This means that you do not only get second citizenship, but also an attractive financial asset.

What you are entitled to once you have invested in the Beach House Hotel

Grenada citizenship for the whole family. You can include in your application your spouse, children up to 30 years of age, parents, grandparents and siblings, provided that the adult applicants are financially dependent on you and the siblings are not married.

Grenada citizens may visit the island at any time, including during the pandemic. In addition, Grenada nationality will give you a visa-free access to 144 countries, including the Schengen Area. Grenada nationals can obtain a tourist visa to the USA for 10 years or E2 Investor Visa, which is not universally available.

Worldwide mobility is exactly what attracts most investors. And you won’t have to wait for too long to enjoy it. It takes just 4-6 months to obtain Grenada citizenship by investment.

Shareholders are entitled to staying at the hotel free of charge. They are free to opt for one of the two resorts by the developer in Grenada, the Silversands Origin Hotel or the Beach House by Silversands Hotel. You may stay 7 nights a year for free. It can be considered a lovely bonus, given that Grenada is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

There are other investment options under the programme: a non-refundable donation of $150,000 or purchase of other approved real estate for at least $220,000.

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