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St. Lucia Extends 50% Discount for Citizenship by Investment Programme

The government of St. Lucia declared they extended their offer of 50% off COVID-19 Relief Bond. These government bonds were issued as a temporary measure designed to maintain economy in the challenging period. However, this programme has been extended till 31 December 2021 because of high demand.

The value of these bonds is $250,000 which is twice as low as investment in other government bonds. Another advantage is that you can get your money back in 5-7 years while retaining your status of a citizen.

Besides, your family will be able to get a Caribbean passport with you – the number of family members is limited to three, though. If you want to have passports for other relatives, you can pay additional $15,000 per family member.

The number of people included in an application affects the time when you can get your money back. If you apply for St. Lucia citizenship by investment as a single applicant, you will have your money back in five years. If you apply together with your spouse, the money will be paid back in six years, and if you apply as a family of four or more members, you will need to wait for at least seven years.

You can get St. Lucia citizenship without visiting the country. Processing your documents will take about three months, and the passports will be posted to you.

What Opportunities Does St. Lucia Passport Offer?

Just like with other Caribbean countries, St. Lucia citizenship is attractive for investors because it guarantees visa-free travel and offshore opportunities for your business. Below, you can find the advantages of this programme.

  1. Visa-free travel around the world. St. Lucia has agreements for facilitated entry rules with 140 countries including the EU countries, the UK, Israel, Singapore, and other countries. With your new passport, you will be able to travel around the world without any problems.
  2. Offshore jurisdiction. If you register your company in St. Lucia, you will be able to optimise taxes and make your business more profitable in a legal way.
  3. Developing your business. The main income source on the island is tourism. You can invest not only in government bonds but in commercial property as well, such as hotels, apartments, clubs, etc., and get dividends.
  4. Quality education. This advantage will be mostly relevant for families with children. In fact, St. Lucia used to be a part of the British Empire and is now a part of the Commonwealth which means that its citizens can get British education on more beneficial terms.

Are There Other Ways To Get St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Purchasing government bonds is not the only way to get a St. Lucia passport. The government has made sure that investors have a choice and an opportunity to find the most suitable option among the following:

  • non-refundable fund contribution – starting from $100,000. This is the cheapest type of investment, but you will not be able to get your money back;
  • investment in real estate – starting from $300,000. You can buy luxury housing or a share in a resort complex. Real estate can be sold only after five years, but before that you can have it rented to tourists and travellers and get steady income;
  • investment in business – starting from $1,000,000. You can invest in government-approved business projects in construction, shipping, agriculture, tourism, and other industries. Return on investment is also possible not earlier than five years.

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