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St Lucia citizenship by investment: more dependants

Pursuant to the Memorandum of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit, you can now apply for St Lucia citizenship for your dependants after you acquired it yourself, provided they meet necessary requirements and qualify for it.

Who can apply for St Lucia passport?

It is normal practice in the Caribbean countries that offer their Citizenship by Investment programs that a main applicant is allowed to make a citizenship application for all his qualifying family members when they apply together. But what happens if you marry or have a baby after you have become citizen of a Caribbean state. Saint Lucia has changed its rules to include your future spouse or child as qualifying dependents and make them eligible to acquire citizenship.

However, there is one condition you must be aware of; future dependents can only be permitted to apply within first five years after the main applicant became citizen.

How to apply for St Lucia passport for dependants?

The process is streamlined and straightforward. You must prove they are your financial dependants and rely on you for support. You must fill in an application form for each family member, provide relevant documents and affidavit of support and pay corresponding fees.

Application charges for dependants

Standard procession fee is US$1,000 for each person and is non-refundable.

Due diligence fee is charged only on dependants older than 16 years of age and is US$5,000 per person.

Investment for family members

If your dependants and you as their sponsor comply with all requirements under the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment program, their applications will be approved in principal and you will be required to make a required investment. For a spouse, you must invest US$35,000 and for your baby – US$25,000.

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