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More visa-free destinations for Antigua & Barbuda citizens

This Caribbean country that has been offering its citizenship by investment since 2013 attracts foreign investors with flexible terms, high living standards and quality of life, economic, political and social stability as well as beneficial taxation. Visa-free travel to many countries is another highly valued advantage of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program.

How many countries can I travel to without a visa with Antigua & Barbuda passport?

In its attempt to increase the attractiveness of the country, Antigua & Barbuda government continues signing reciprocal agreements with countries around the world that facilitate travel of citizens from both side between these countries.

It has been reported recently that holders of the passport of Antigua & Barbuda can now enter 165 states and territories without the need of apply for a visa or with the visa stamped upon arrival. Apart from the most popular destinations in their visa-free travel list, including EU countries, it has been topped up by India, UAE, Russia, Bolivia and Kosovo.

If you are a globe-trotter and love travelling, it is an ideal solution for you. More details on how to invest in Antigua & Barbuda can be found here. But wherever you are heading off next, make sure to check visa requirements for that particular country.

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