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Great Britain to facilitate a career start for international graduates

In 2021, UK immigration rules saw some positive changes, one of them regarding international graduates of accredited British universities. Holders of bachelor’s, master’s or PhD/doctorate degrees are entitled to apply for a Graduate visa.

New regulations that come into effect on 01 July 2021 open a scope of opportunities for UK employers and international graduates. Foreign nationals who graduated from a British university and wish to start a career in the UK can apply for the Graduate visa to extend their stay in the country.

It will allow them to stay in the UK for another two years and find a job they like. There are no criteria for the job; your choice is not limited in terms of the field, qualification and pay. Employers also benefit from the new regulations as they get a chance to attract the brightest and the most talented graduates from other countries.

A two-year Graduate Route visa costs £700 plus £624 as a healthcare surcharge.

Who can apply for a Graduate visa?

An applicant must comply with the following criteria:

  • hold a student visa;
  • have proof of successfully completing a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral or any other university course;
  • be in the UK to apply.

Foreign citizens, who did a course in 2020 and could not attend classes in person, have until 27 September 2021 to enter the UK.

Duration of stay in the UK for Graduate visa holders

Graduate visa holders are allowed to stay in the UK for two years. Some degrees, for example, a doctoral degree entitle you to three years of stay. During this time, a graduate who plans to stay in Great Britain after that and work here should switch to another visa as the Graduate Visa cannot be extended.

Should I find a British sponsor to work on this visa?

International specialists who stay in the country on a Graduate visa do not need a sponsor even if they are volunteers or self-employed entrepreneurs. The only restriction is working as a professional sportsperson.

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