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Dominica Signs a Visa-Waiver Agreement with China

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The Commonwealth of Dominica and the People’s Republic of China have sighed a visa-waiver agreement. Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit tweeted about it on November 22. On Chinese side, the document was signed by Chinese Ambassador to Dominica Lin Xianjiang. “Today, we achieved a significant milestone in our diplomatic journey… It is a symbol of years-longfriendship, commitment and cooperation. We look forward to an extended friendship” – tweeted Skerrit.

Dominica and China have enjoyed good relationships since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 2004. “Friendship” between the two countries was mentioned in the tweet several times. The reference to it is present in the name of Dominica state hospital that was built with the help of Chinese investments. It is called Dominica-China Friendship Hospital. China invests in other important objectsof social infrastructure in Dominica that promote the development of education, farming, trade andcommunication in the country.

Dominica is the second Caribbean country that signed a visa-waiver agreement with China. The firstone was Grenada. Now, Dominica citizens can spend up to 30 days in China without a visa.

China is not the only country that has visa-free travel arrangement with Dominica. The list contains more than 140 countries, including Switzerland, the UK, the EU, Hongkong, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, etc. Visa-free period of stay usually lasts from three months to half a year. In some cases, the scheme is different, for example with China.

How and Why to Obtain Dominica Citizenship

The main attraction of Caribbean citizenship is visa-free travel across the world. That’s why, every Caribbean country tries to extend their lists of partners and increase benefits for their citizens. Dominica is not an exception in this policy.

Caribbean countries are also offshores that businesses use for tax optimisation. Near-zero taxation and high level of confidentiality make offshores attractive for registering foreign companies.

It is not difficult to obtain Dominica citizenship. Like other Caribbean jurisdictions, Dominica offers a citizenship by investment program that allows to “buy” a Caribbean passport in exchange for some investment.

There are two investment options: refundable and non-refundable. The latter is smaller, but with a refundable investment, you will be able to recover costs in several years.

  1. Non-refundable contribution to Economic Diversification Fund amounts to $100,000 for one applicant, $150,000 – for a married couple, more than $175,000 – for a family of four or more people. The investment is directed at the development of important economic sectors.
  2. Investment into real estate amounts to $200,000 and does not depend on the number of family members. Most investors purchase properties of tourism infrastructure that they can rent and get income. In three years, you will be able to recover the costs by selling the real estate.

You will also have to pay a number of government fees and a due diligence fee. Though it seems easy to get Dominica citizenship, the government makes an effort not to grant citizenship to individuals who are involved into criminal activity, money laundering and corruption. It could tarnish the reputation of the country and other investors. That’s why, due diligence checks are obligatory for all potential investors.

Applications for Dominica citizenship are usually processed within 3–4 months. You do not need togo to Dominica to apply for citizenship. However, you might enjoy a trip there. Dominica is a perfectholidays resort – sea, beaches, waterfalls, hot geysers and other breathtaking wonders of nature.However, if you do not want to go to the country to get your passport, it will be posted to you.

Imperial & Legal assists in applying for citizenship of Dominica and other Caribbean countries. If youwant to travel to countries across the world visa-free and benefit from favourable business conditions, contact us and we will help you choose the best way of obtaining Caribbean citizenship.

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