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Dominica Offers One of the Best Citizenship by Investment Programs

Choosing citizenship by investment program is not an easy task, especially when it comes to Caribbean citizenship by investment programs, since they are not so well-known to investors. In this case, looking at ratings compiled by trustworthy sources can help.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is always ranked amongst the top. Dominica is a small island country on the Lesser Antilles. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program was established back in 1993. There are two investment options: non-refundable contribution to the government fund amounting to $100,000 and investment into real estate amounting to $200,000 that you will be able to recover in three years.

CBI Index 2021

Dominica has topped CBI Index 2021 for the fifth time. In 2021, it shared its leading position with St Kitts & Nevis.

CBI Index is based on nine pillars:

  • Freedom of movement: number of visa-waiver agreements;
  • Minimum investment outlay;
  • Family: number of family members whom you can add to your application (spouses, children, parents etc.);
  • Citizenship timeline;
  • Ease of processing;
  • Mandatory travel or residence (if any);
  • Due diligence;
  • Certainty of product;
  • Standard of living (safety, infrastructure, healthcare, economy, etc.).

Most of the investors are obviously interested in the first criterium since freedom of movement is one of the main reasons for obtaining a Caribbean passport. Dominica is proud to have visa-waiver agreements with more than 140 countries in Europe and Asia.

The number of Dominica’s visa-waiver agreements is growing more quickly than in other Caribbeancountries. In 2021, for example, Dominica signed an agreement with China. Now, Dominica citizenscan stay in China visa-free for up to 30 days.

Dominica is ranked first under six parameters out of nine, including citizenship timeline, ease ofprocessing, minimum investment outlay and certainty of product that is guaranteed by the government.

Global Peace Index

Dominica has high scores under Global Peace Index. It ranks the third safest country in the Caribbeanand Latin America. Globally, Dominica is the 33rd safest country with some developed countries like France, the USA and the UAE trailing behind.

Dominica has secured such high ranking thanks to stable political and economic environment, goodlaw enforcement and judiciary services, and high level of democracy. Its image has been a bit tarnished by the destructive impact of storms, but the government does their best to strengthen resilience to natural disasters and minimise the destructive effect of bad weather conditions. This isone of the spheres where the money of foreign investors is directed.

Positive IMF Assessment

International Monetary Fund has positively assessed Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.The IMF report points out that thanks to the investments, Dominica has dealt with the COVID-19 economic crisis without any significant economic downfalls. According to forecasts, the economy will return to the pre-pandemic level in 2023. The average annual GDP growth will amount to 5%.

Redistribution of investment flows has also received a positive assessment. The money goes to the construction of roads, hospitals and social housing. Two large strategic projects are under way: construction of an international airport and geothermal power station. All these will attract more tourists which is good for investors since they prefer to buy properties of tourism infrastructure and rent them out to get dividends.

If you are interested in Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, contact our advisors. They willadvise you what is required to obtain a Caribbean passport.

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