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Cyprus employment growth second highest in Europe

PUBLISHED: 2 April 2019
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Eurostat has published latest data on employment in EU regions, placing Cyprus at the 2ndplace of the highest employment growth rates in Europe.

According to the report, the highest employment growth was observed in Malta at 5.3% increase, employment in Cyprus grew by 3.9%, while the 3rd highest growth is spotted in Luxembourg at 3.4% rise.

The only EU country which has seen overall decline in employment is Lithuania, where employment decreased by 0.5%. However, some other countries have seen employment drop in specific regions, balanced out by employment growth in other regions, bringing average employment shift in the country to the positive trajectory.

Employment in the UK

In the United Kingdom, employment increased by cautious 1% on average. This number is shared between the areas of employment increase and decline. Some of the areas in UK where the employment has risen on average are London (0.9% +), Scotland (2% +), Wales (3% +), South East England (0.8% +), West Midlands (3% +), and East Midlands (2.7% +). Simultaneously, employment fell in Cumbria (- 2.4%), Yorkshire & the Humber (-1.4%), and Lancashire (-1.2%).

Overall, the European Union has seen an average employment rise of modest 1.6%.

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