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Boris Johnson to take control over UK immigration

The new prime minister is determined to stop free movement of EU citizens the same way he has been promising to “get Brexit done”. Make no mistake; he is not against smart and talented people coming to the UK, quite the opposite – he will welcome anyone with skills and experience that would contribute to the development of the UK economy.

Who will be able to come to the UK after Brexit?

To start with, the EU freedom of movement is expected to be stopped by the end of 2021. It means that until then the Europeans will be able to come to the United Kingdom under the existing rules. Once the new rules are implemented, they will be treated as non-EU migrants.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson must come up with a universal immigration system based on assessing applicants’ professional skills, age, qualifications and knowledge of English constituting their value to the UK economy and society, like they do in Australia. And he is asked to make it as simple as possible to avoid any disturbance to UK businesses and fill labour shortages.

Benefits of new immigration system

Apart from taking control over UK borders, Boris Johnson is planning to beat skill shortages with fast-track visas and help the NHS in handling costs of providing free health service to all migrants.

Points-based system has been in operation in the UK since 2008 and it does help to control immigration from non-EU countries. However, British Government has not been able to control the movements of EU nationals. And that’s precisely what Boris Johnson intends to achieve.

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