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Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment programme made more attractive

Second passport becomes cheaper and more accessible

In April 2018, the Antigua and Barbuda Government introduced a few amendments to its Citizenship by Investment Programme including a limited offer of a 50% reduction in real estate investment.

Prior to the 50% reduction, real estate investors could qualify for citizenship if they invested at least $400,000 each, either as a single applicant or as a joint application. However, to make the programme more attractive and competitive, Antigua and Barbuda decided to offer 2 or more applicants to make a joint investment of at least $400,000 in total or $200,000 each. It means that two or more families can qualify at a half of the standard price. All other fees remain unchanged. This offer is valid from 1 May 2018 till 31 October 2018.

Another change that has been made is for dependent parents and grandparents. The age requirement has been reduced from 65 to 58 years. Now all dependants over 58 years of age can qualify for citizenship and be included in the main applicant’s application if they are fully supported by and live with the main applicant or the main applicant’s spouse.

Besides, all dependants under 18 are no longer required to comply with the 5-days residency requirement in the first 5 years. However, anyone aged 18 and over must fulfil that requirement and take an oath of allegiance.

And finally, the government cancelled due diligence fees that previously had to be paid at the renewal of passport after 5 years of application.

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