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Mayfair: Luxury In the Heart of London

Mayfair is part of the West End located to the east of the famous Hyde Park between Oxford Street in the north, Regent Street in the west and Piccadilly in the south. This area is part of the City of Westminster, just like Belgravia.

Mayfair is now a business area in Central London where ultramodern glass-and-concrete office buildings tower right next to old Georgian mansions. Some blocks of flats were transformed into offices of financial organisations and international companies, embassies, expensive shops and restaurants. Mayfair also boasts a great number of luxurious five-star hotels. The property prices here are considered to be the highest in London.

History of Mayfair

As one might guess, the district got its name after a May fair that took place on Shepherd Street starting from the end of the 18th century. It existed only for 78 years and was banned after multiple complaints from the people living in the neighbourhood.

You would be wrong if you thought that Mayfair used to be a part of London back in those days. Actually, until the 18th century, it was just a village, a part of the manor of Eia (also written as Eye). In Roman times, according to the archaeological evidence, the place served as a crossroads (it shows that the Romans had settled in the area long before Londinium, or Roman London, was founded).

Mayfair started to be built up in the 1650s. Its propinquity to St James’s Palace made the area extremely attractive. The historical district of Mayfair is connected with the British aristocracy and the royal family, as the latter still owns some of its land.

Since the end of the 18th century, the architecture of Mayfair has been influenced by the tastes and needs of the privileged class; that is why it is full of magnificent palaces and old mansions. Among other landowners settled in Mayfair, the Grosvenors, Dukes of Westminster, made the most significant contribution to the development of the area. The name of the central street in Mayfair commemorates the noble name of this family.

Things To Do In Mayfair 

Despite being known as an ultra-expensive district and a paradise for shopping lovers, Mayfair has something to offer to any guest with very different needs and budgets.

Parks and Recreation Areas

If you are fond of nature, tranquillity and privacy, you might enjoy visiting the famous Hyde Park located nearby to take a slow walk or a bike ride along its shadowy footpaths. You can also hire a boat and go around Serpentine Lake where you may find ducks and swans.

You might take pleasure in wandering across the pristine lanes of Grosvenor Square, strolling under the old sycamores in Berkeley Square, finding a resort from the city hustle in the gardens of Mount Street, or drinking a cup of tea in the Brown Hart Gardens, a green oasis just a couple of meters away from vibrant Oxford Street.

Exhibitions and Historical Attractions

Mayfair is also known as a centre of art galleries and exhibitions.

  • Visit an exhibition of painting masterpieces in the Royal Academy and make sure you reserve a ticket for its annual summer exhibition.
  • Stay informed about the latest trends in contemporary art with Mayfair galleries and discover new names in Michael Werner Gallery and Castle Fine Arts, Halcyn and Hamiltons.
  • Don’t miss the Apsley House, a former residence of the Dukes of Wellington, which was transformed into a vast gallery exhibiting over 3,000 objects of art.
  • You might like to go to Handel & Hendrix, a museum where you will learn about the lives of two great musicians of two different periods – George Frideric Händel, a German-British Baroque composer, and Jimi Hendrix, a legendary rock-n-roll guitarist.
  • Have a chance to appreciate weekly choir or pipe organ concerts held in the 18th-century Grosvenor Chapel.
  • Stroll towards the Marble Arch which used to be the state entrance of Buckingham Palace, relocated close to the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in 1851.
  • Explore over 200 years of history-making science and find out more about the discoveries of the Nobel Prize winners in the Faraday Museum.
  • Take an ’allied’ picture and pose between Churchill and Roosevelt in Bond Street. 


Shopping in Mayfair is always associated with Bond Street and New Bond Street, a paradise for demanding fashion lovers who might be flabbergasted by the enormous selection in the design shops, outlets and stylish boutiques. However, limit yourself to the most famous streets only, explore shops in Oxford and Mount Streets and make sure you visit Savile Row as the street boasts several world-renowned bespoke tailoring shops making orders for politicians and millionaires.


In Mayfair, you can find restaurants for every taste and wallet. Fast-food lovers and adepts of haut cuisine, fans of French, Asian, English and Italian food – everybody will certainly find something to their liking.

The aristocratic character of the district influences a vast number of restaurants in Mayfair, so you are likely to enjoy both food and the ambience, and you will definitely be able to have some rest and discover something new.

Mayfair’s pubs are a real highlight of the district. In Dukes Bar or The Punchbowl, you can come across Hollywood celebrities while The Footman Mayfair, founded over 270 years ago, is considered to be one of the oldest London pubs.

Property in Mayfair

If you have played Monopoly, you might remember that Mayfair was the most expensive property square on the board. It is quite true to life as Mayfair is indeed one of the best areas in London and among the most expensive places to buy a property in the world. Usually, it is chosen by wealthy and successful people who do not strive for ostentatious luxury but are ready to pay fair amounts for their comfort and quality of living.

You may find various options if you are looking for a Mayfair property: it might be a flat in a new building or a reconstructed historical one, a spacious family house or an enormous 19th-century mansion. In your neighbourhood, you will find fashionable restaurants, elegant shops, luxurious office buildings, embassies and five-star hotels.

The lowest property price in Mayfair starts at GBP 700,000 (no additional fees are included): at this price, you might find a studio of about 39 square meters in a modern block of flats. An old mansion can be purchased for several dozens of millions. Whatever option you choose, you might need professional legal advice.

All your needs are considered when purchasing a flat or a house with our support. You will get access to special offers that never make it to the open market. If you wish, we might hire independent appraisers who would identify hidden problems in the property you are considering buying. Such advice is vital if you are purchasing a property in an old building, constructed decades or even centuries ago.

Imperial & Legal’s experts meticulously review all the documents provided by the seller, negotiate the terms and conditions if necessary and overlook the purchasing process at each stage. In short, if you come to us for assistance, you will avoid unnecessary costs and spare yourself the headache of buying a property abroad.

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