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Belgravia: Grandeur and Beauty of London

Belgravia is a district in Central London, a part of the City of Westminster. It is close to a residency of the British monarch in the southeast and borders Chelsea and Knightsbridge in the west, Mayfair in the east, Pimlico in the south and Hyde Park in the north.

History of Belgravia

In the Middle Ages, the area was called Five Fields and was used as agricultural land. Instead of the picturesque squares, expensive boutiques and luxurious Victorian mansions we see today, there was just a plain where English peasants cultivated barley and shepherded sheep and cows.

The name of the district is derived from a village called Belgrave in Cheshire (it is the very county that gave the name to the Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). Richard Grosvenor, the second Marquess of Westminster, an influential British politician and benefactor, had his estate in that area.

Thanks to the Grosvenor family’s initiatives and the genius of Thomas Cubitt, the architect, Belgravia gained a number of magnificent classical buildings in the second half of the 19th century. Cubitt planned numerous squares, avenues and parks in Belgravia. An interesting fact: Cubitt is a distant maternal ancestor to Camilla Parker Bowles, spouse of Charles III.

After the end of the Napoleonic wars, London experienced a construction boom. Sir Robert Grosvenor began to develop his estate of 200 acres in the 1820s, and the work went on for thirty years. Since male offsprings of the Grosvenor family were given the title of Viscount Belgrave, the central square of the new district and the area itself were given the name of Belgravia.

The architecture of Belgravia features noble grandeur and the unity of style: most of the buildings were not reconstructed, thus they have preserved the appearance they had 200 years ago. Apart from flats and houses owned by aristocrats and celebrities, various embassies can be found here too. The oldest of them is the Austrian embassy opened in the 19th century.

In Victorian England, Belgravia was extremely popular with members of aristocratic families as well as rich manufacturers and bank owners. This area in Central London has been fashionable for about two centuries and properties in Belgravia have been fabulously expensive since long ago.

Things To Do In Belgravia

Sloane Street and Elisabeth Street offer a great variety of boutiques of the most renowned brands and designers. However, this glamorous and shining area lacks green spaces.

If you would rather enjoy peacefulness looking at evergreen trees and emerald grass, go to Chester Square, Avebury Square or Belgrave Square Gardens, a picturesque park with a tennis court.

If you are a connoisseur of painting, music, history and architecture, make sure to go to a concert in Cadogan Hall, Apsley House, home of the Dukes of Wellington, or immerse yourself in the world of classical and contemporary art in the galleries of Belgravia.

Another attraction is the number of pubs, cafes and restaurants in Belgravia that will satisfy even the most demanding food lovers. Belgravian restaurants often top the culinary ratings in popular glossy magazines; some of them are even regarded as the gold standard: for instance, Vanity Fair proclaimed muffins in Peggy Porschen Belgravia to be the best in the world.

The Grenadier in Wilton Row is a historical pub that used to be an officers’ mess hall. The legend has it that the pub is haunted by the ghost of an officer who was beaten to death after his comrades had caught him cheating at cards.

In Belgravia, there are several haut-cuisine restaurants where you can taste exquisite dishes prepared by such stars as Kyoichi Kai, Tom Aikens, Martin Gabler or Sophie Michell.

Property in Belgravia

Undoubtedly, Belgravia is among the most expensive districts not only in London but in the whole world.  The atmosphere in this area is very special due to the luxurious mansions, all in late Georgian style, meticulously planned pedestrian zones, well-groomed gardens and parks, boutiques of world-renowned fashion and jewellery designers, art galleries, elite restaurants, old pubs and cosy cafes.

It is a calm and quiet place but its location allows the residents to reach buzzing London neighbourhoods like Mayfair or West End in just several minutes.

Property in Belgravia is expensive as the offer is limited, compared to newer districts of London. However, you can still buy a whole mansion, a townhouse or a flat. Even a small one-bedroom flat of 70 square meters in the eastern part of the district will cost you over a million pounds. A two-bedroom flat of the same size in Eaton Place, almost centre of Belgravia, will cost you 1.8 million pounds.

A property in Belgravia suits those who are not ready to compromise when it comes to their comfort. However, people who are prepared to pay millions of pounds for a luxurious property are careful and weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the place before buying it. In order Tootential risks to the maximum extent, you might want to consult a professional advisor.

Unfortunately, you will struggle to find a good property for a reasonable price in Great Britain if you rely only on a real estate agent. In the UK, they work in the interest of the seller, and you will be left alone with all the property-related problems that might be discovered once the deal has been sealed. That is why it is crucial to have professional support.

Imperial & Legal’s specialists will operate in your interest only and consider all your needs and wishes while assisting you in finding the ideal property in Belgravia. We have access to attractive offers that are not available on the open market.

In Belgravia, you are most likely to purchase a beautiful, solid property which, however, is decades or even centuries old. Therefore, apart from arranging viewings together with our specialists, we can also involve independent appraisers if needed.

Our solicitors will review the purchase contract and take care of the deal at each and every stage. And if you plan to move to Belgravia straight after sealing the deal, we will arrange a comfortable relocation process for all your family.

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