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UK Tax Residence Test Results

To formalise your residence status, please contact us to get an individual consultation.

Thank you for taking our UK tax residence test.

Based on the answers you provided for the tax year _______:

You are classed as _______ in the United Kingdom.

We have sent you an overview email with test results and more information on tax residence status to the email address you provided – . If you don’t receive it within next 5 minutes, please check if your email address is correct. Also, check your Spam folder in case our email ended up there because of your mailbox settings. Please remember this test is just a general guide. If you would like to formalise your residence status, please contact us now to get an individual consultation with one of our tax experts.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this test is aimed at providing expert advice, opinion or analysis. It shall be taken for information purposes only and the result depends on the information given by a tested person. If you were not sure how to answer some of the questions, it might affect the test result. To discuss your situation and status, we recommend getting professional advice.

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