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Imperial & Legal is a regulated immigration company that you can trust. Our team of experts can provide advice at the highest level and help you solve your issues in any circumstances.

We guarantee high-quality support for all kinds of applications, ranging from basic and simple applications for any type of visa to complex cases. Besides, our lawyers have more than 10 years of experience in preparing and submitting appeals, asylum and human rights applications, as well as representing clients in tribunals.

Below you will find success stories of people that came to us with their problems and plans and we helped them achieve what they wished for.

To preserve confidentiality of our clients, all identity details have been changed.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa: New business and family reunion

Another year at the St. Paul’s School in London was coming to an end and Vladimir started thinking about further education for their kids. He and his wife were never in doubt they wanted their sons to get higher education in England; they even found perfect colleges for them. Besides, Vladimir had been dreaming about conquering the UK market for a long time — what will all his IT companies in the UAE, Kazakhstan, Germany and Russia. And England offered all the comforts and opportunities all of them could only dream of.

Right advice saves time and money

The successful businessman came to Imperial & Legal to discuss options available to him and his family with the focus on the development and expansion of his IT business. Sole Representative of an Overseas Business seemed an ideal solution, but Vladimir was the major shareholder of his business, and that’s a no go with that type of visa. Immigration lawyers in Imperial & Legal described in detail all the pluses and minuses of different routes, and the decision was made. Vladimir would apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and bring the whole family to the UK with him.

For four weeks, immigration lawyers of Imperial & Legal were helping Vladimir draft a business plan for his entry to the British market and integration of his UK company with other international businesses. Another important factor for which applicants get points when applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is how well they speak English; their level must not be lower than B1 according to European classification. Vladimir’s English was rather fluent, and his family in general had no problems speaking the language at all. The English language test was arranged by Imperial & Legal with one of the approved providers and the businessman successfully passed it later in London.

Applying for the whole family

At the time of application Vladimir had been running and developing his business in the United Arab Emirates for over 10 years already. The headquarters were in Dubai where he was working as well, so that’s where he could apply for a visa to come to the UK. As time was important, Vladimir opted for a priority service and got a decision in a month. That was him covered, but other family members were living in different parts of the world and could not apply from Dubai. Children were studying in a London school while their mother spent most of her time in Russia. Our advisers suggested applying from Russia as dependants of their father and husband under the same Tier 1 route. They also went for an accelerated procedure and had their applications approved in a month. Now the whole family could get together again after long periods of separation.

Any type of support

Apart from opening bank accounts for all family members, experts in Imperial & Legal started looking for a flat the family could call home. One of the most prestigious and expensive areas of London, Knightsbridge, seemed to be offering the best places in terms of proximity to a school and then colleges. Within three weeks of actively searching for a place, the family rented a wonderful apartment in that high-end area.

With future projects in mind as well as legal and tax issues that may arise, Vladimir decided to purchase the Imperial Package, and now he is regularly getting advice and support from us. Our specialists keep solving legal and immigration issues of the entrepreneur’s family in the UK, and his local business will soon bear first fruits thanks to a successful and properly developed business model.

Sole representative visa: London, a city of limitless opportunities

Despite her Egyptian background and conventional upbringing, Mariam grew up to be a most unconventional woman. She set up her own business in Dubai with her brothers and husband, and within eight years it had become very successful. Their company found its niche in the large dynamic city where the rate of construction was claimed to be the fastest in the world. Facility services, including cleaning, catering and refurbishment, had long been in demand among large corporations and banks in the big business centres.

Trying their luck on the global market

Mariam, being on the Board of Directors, was chosen an ambassador of the business mission to the UK. Her energy and involvement in all company’s affairs made her the perfect candidate for running and building a new company in London where stereotypes are matters of the past.

Mariam came to Imperial & Legal to find support in setting up a business and sorting out immigration issues for her and her family, and she did. Sole Representative visa was an ideal solution for all of them. The standard procedure was to get a visa, establish a company and relocate with her kids and husband to the UK. First things first, immigration lawyers, with Mariam’s help, prepared and finalised a robust business plan that reflected every possible detail and set out targets, goals and methods of the business.

Visa in to time

With the head office in Dubai, a large branch in Cairo and a wide network of companies in the Middle East, the holding structure was not at all simple in terms of preparing all the required documents. Moreover, the areas of activities were varied and covered absolutely different sectors of the market. Business trips every week all over the Middle East, regular meetings and negotiations in Dubai, all this made Mariam super busy and difficult to catch. To top it up, she has two little kids, so we understood how precious her time was and tried to be as efficient and as fast as possible. That is why it took us only two months to prepare all documents and get everything ready for application. The family was applying in Dubai, where they all lived, and the whole process was very easy and streamlined. Thanks to the priority service Mariam, her husband and kids were granted visas in one and a half month.

Family relocation and settling in a new place

With visas out of the way, the next important thing was family. Mariam’s four-year-old son and two-yea-old daughter were too small for school, so our advisers at Imperial & Legal searched the market and made a selection of the most prestigious nurseries in London that would prepare kids for school. Both Mariam and her husband stressed how important it was for them to have kids in the nursery full day. The best solution was finally found; a private nursery in Chelsea where the family chose to buy a flat. One of the most fashionable areas in London met all the expectations of a young couple with kids. Weekends are pleasantly spent on the Thames and cosy green squares. Besides, this area is perfect for schools for the future.

Having received all kind of help and support from Imperial & Legal (opening bank accounts, office search, head hunting), Mariam is still getting advice from us, including in matters of taxation. She is quite determined; she plans to find an MBA programme that she would be able to fit into her tight schedule.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur team visa: Two friends; one dream

Pravin and Arjun have been friends since they were little kids. They went to school and college together, and both were dreaming about leaving Bangalore and moving to Europe. With a diploma in a pocket and critical views of the current problems in India, Pravin decided to start a small waste collection business. He managed to get state support and succeeded in what he was planning to do. Arjun pursued the same career as his father and worked in a law firm, but he soon realised that he needed to do something more active and dynamic. When Pravin shared with Arjun his idea of buying a small waste treatment plant with a partner, Arjun volunteered to be one. Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit their business took off rather quickly and the partners decided to move to the United Arab Emirates where the same business was underdeveloped as well.

Global plans

For 12 years, the businessmen had been building their business both in India (small waste treatment plants in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) and Dubai (household waste removal and sorting). Very soon the friends started thinking about conquering the international market; their experience in the UAE gave them valuable background of working to nearly European standards. Both businessmen were sure that the UK would be the best destination for their investment.

Relocation to another country is always stressful — which type of visa to apply for, how to move with a family and settle in a new place — all these questions worried Pravin and Arjun. They came Imperial & Legal to find answers to all of them and many more. The decision where to live and do business had been made already. Birmingham is the second most populated city in the UK after London, it is a large business hub but without the tough competitions of the capital city.

Applying for visas

The question of the visa was also decided. Entrepreneur visa was the best option from the investment point of view; it allows two partners to apply as a team by investing in the business at least £100,000 each. Because the partners were equal directors of the business, they were relying on the money on business accounts of their company. Experts from Imperial & Legal prepared a detailed business plan for a new project of the entrepreneurial team from India; removal, collection and sorting of household waste to the European standards.

Visa applications were being prepared together with the business plan. Both friends had families which required a lot of work in terms of relocation and making sure everyone had what they needed. Wives and kids had been living in Dubai for some time already and that’s where they had to apply from. The hardest thing after submission was an interview, but thanks to Imperial & Legal that had prepared the team thoroughly they passed it easily. Visas were granted for both of them and their families in two months.

Further support

After applications were approved, the next step was to search for a home, and Pravin and Arjun came to Imperial & Legal for that as well. It took our real estate team just a week to find two spacious flats in Mosely. That prestigious area of Birmingham surrounded by parks was ideal for families with small kids. Next task for our specialists is to find nurseries and schools for sons and daughters of the businessmen.

It is important that the company had already been registered before the partners moved to the UK. Friends are ready to compete on the local market, and currently they are analysing it and expanding the client base.

East or west — it doesn’t matter; our professionals can make these parts of the world co-exist perfectly together.

Tier 1 Investor: Visa for active people

It is never late to change your life! After revisiting his values and political views, 48-year-old Igor sells his company in the oil and gas industry and decides to leave Kazakhstan to settle abroad. Through careful selection, he chooses European quality and stability.

The United Kingdom has once seemed to Igor as something unreachable, but now it looked like the best place for making a new home. The deciding factor was the English language that Igor speaks quite well thanks to high-quality education in the Kazakhstan State University and later business experience on the global market. Besides, London is very similar in its vibe and dynamics to Almaty, so Igor was sure he will feel like home there. And the UK’s capital offers a lot of educational opportunities, which the businessman has been thinking to take advantage of and is a big business hub to develop various business projects.

Ideal solution

Immigration lawyers from Imperial & Legal gave Igor detailed advice as to what routes are open for international businessmen in European and other countries worldwide. Considering he had colossal plans and ambitions, the best option was an investor visa. Investors can live, work, study, run a business and do literally nothing in the UK; there are almost no limitations and restrictions.

In Igor’s mind, what with all the documents and preparation involved, the whole pre-application process will take not less than three months; that is why he was pleasantly surprised when it took the team at Imperial & Legal only a week to prepare and submit a visa application, including opening of an investment account. Even though Igor applied through a visa centre in Kazakhstan, where premium service is not available but where he used priority service, his visa was granted in a month time.

It’s never late to study

Igor once mentioned to his lawyers that he would love to get a higher education in the UK. He was not sure at first because he was 48, in a new country, etcetera, but educational experts at Imperial & Legal persuaded him that there was nothing easier than doing MBA in London. It was actually perfect timing and perfect place for Igor to get a European degree and use it in running his business. Imperial & Legal team managed to find a university, assist with interviews, support Igor in preparing and submitting all documents and being admitted to the university.

Renting a place and opening a bank account

The next scary thing for Igor was looking for a place to live. He was not sure whether he wanted to buy or rent something, whether it would be a flat or a house, and in which area of London. Property advisers at Imperial & Legal recommended the best option, to rent a flat in central London close to the university where he would be studying. It would give Igor time to think and get to know the city.

A bank account was another important thing that Igor needed quite urgently. Which bank to choose, private or retail? Igor realised he knew absolutely nothing about the British banking system. And again, professionals from Imperial & Legal were there to help him. It was decided to go for a private bank for transactions with the main capital and a retail bank for personal day-to-day transactions. Two accounts were opened quickly and hassle-free.

Professional business support

London is bursting with potential. Yes, it is quite renowned for its tough competition, but Igor was attracted by its cultural diversity. Besides, there are so many people with similar ideas and start-up ambitions. Igor was thinking about setting up a hospitality and restaurant business. He would start with a restaurant offering Kazakh cuisine. He used to have a small café when he lived in Kazakhstan; it was more like a hobby, but it gave him experience to start something bigger. Business advisers at Imperial & Legal explained to Igor all the details of running a business in the UK, focusing on pitfalls in terms of taxation and corporate law. Armed with that knowledge, Igor has already led his business to bear first fruits.

Future for the kids

Igor is not going to stop at what he has already achieved. He plans to relocate his 25-year-old son and his Kazakhstan business to England. Besides, Andrey has already lived in Europe while studying for an MBA degree in Malta. Imperial & Legal team is helping Andrey remotely with all issues and problems. After talking to his father and analysing business potential of the market, Andrey decided to apply for an Entrepreneur visa.

London is waiting for you!

UK Investor visa and passport of Antigua and Barbuda

When the elder daughter Anna was in her seventh year at school, Sergey and his wife Elena started thinking about her future education. She had a great artistic talent and graduated from the arts school with flying colours. The only thing that interested Anna was visual arts and design.

The younger son just started school and he was also enjoying his Skype lessons of the English language with a teacher from London. A British school of design for the daughter and potentially a polytechnic university for the son — the family decided that the children would get secondary and higher education abroad, particularly in the UK.

Relocating to the UK while working from Russia

Sergey is an owner of a large machine-building plant in Novosibirsk and his plans include developing the business on the global market. When he came to Imperial & Legal, he was far from understanding what chances his family had in terms of relocating to the UK, buying a property there, finding schools and colleges for the kids. As the businessman would need to spend most of his time in Russia, it was decided to make Elena the main visa applicant. After consulting with immigration lawyers from Imperial & Legal and analysing all their requirements, Sergey’s family chose an investor visa. They would be able to get permanent residence in the UK in 5 years and a year after become British citizens.

Visa-free travel around the world

Sergey’s only concern was that he would soon start expanding his business and negotiating with companies from Germany and Italy. Business trips to Europe and maybe USA might become quite frequent. And being a UK resident, Sergey would still have to apply for visas to all these countries.

Immigration lawyers from Imperial & Legal offered an ideal solution, to invest in a passport of one of the Caribbean states. The choice was made; Sergey bought a property in Antigua and Barbuda for $200,000 and he and his whole family received their passports in 3 months. All was done remotely and efficiently. Caribbean citizenship allows them to travel to over 130 counties around the globe without visas, including the UK and Schengen states. Sergey has already started the process of applying for a 10-year visa to the US.

Quick solution to any issue

Lawyers from Imperial & Legal were preparing documents and applications for Antiguan passports at the same time as applying for a UK investor visa and opening an investment account. It took just a month and a half for the family from Novosibirsk to get their UK visas which opened a world of opportunities for them.

Moreover, educational experts from Imperial & Legal supported the family in finding a perfect school in London. The kids successfully passed interviews, all the paperwork was prepared in the most efficient manner, so that the whole enrolment process was finalised without any problems. Children started their next academic year in the new school.

An ideal home

Because the school matter was solved very quickly and the family needed to move in summer, Elena was worried about where they would live. She was happy when advisers from Imperial & Legal said they could help them with searching properties as well. Surrey turned out to be the best solution in terms of what the family wanted; quiet neighbourhood, clean and cosy houses, relatively light traffic and close proximity to the school where the children would study. Sergey and Elena were lucky because the first house offered to them proved to be an ideal home, with a beautiful fence, cut trees and carved porch. Besides, the house was fresh after refurbishment and did not require any immediate investment.

Another thing where Imperial & Legal’s assistance was indispensable was opening UK bank accounts for the whole family and buying a car. In the end, Sergey, Elena and their children were fully equipped to embark on a journey in a new place and a new country.

Constant support

Sergey keeps in touch with Imperial & Legal on a weekly to monthly basis coming for business and tax consultations. What business projects are successful in Europe? What’s best, to set up your own business or invest in an existing one? What are tax benefits and allowances available to him? All these questions and many more are where Imperial & Legal can help him with.

Furthermore, Sergey and Elena focus a lot of their attention on the future of their kids, which is why they have already started researching about universities and asking for professional advice from Imperial & Legal.

Settlement for bereaved partner: Only death do us part

Maria and Dave met in Moscow when she was studying in the University and he came there to teach English. A beautiful Russian girl and a smart Welsh gentleman turned out to be an amazing couple. Unfortunately, after Maria’s graduation, they had to keep their relationships long-distance for a quite a long time. The young people tried to see each other as often as possible, with Dave coming to Moscow on business and both of them spending most of the holidays together. However, being apart was becoming more and more painful.

Finally, after three hard years, they decided to marry. They went to Portugal for the wedding and chose one of the most romantic towns there, Aveiro. After honeymoon Maria had to go back to Russia while Dave returned to Cardiff. She applied for a spouse visa from Moscow and he was waiting to welcome his wife at her new home.

For better and for worse

After getting a spouse visa, which was quite easy, Maria finally reunited with her husband in the UK and started teaching a course in a local college. Everything seemed to be falling into place.

After their third wedding anniversary, Dave started complaining about chest pains. He underwent thorough checks in the University Hospital of Wales. The diagnosis was terrifying — atherosclerotic heart disease. Dave was just 40 at the time, so the couple was not worried that much. All they needed to do was to make sure Dave avoided stressful situations, followed prescriptions and rested; every word their doctor said was like mantra to them.

Dave’s health became so important to both of them that they completely forgot to take care of Maria’s immigration status. She had extended her spouse visa twice already which gave her the right to live and work in the UK.

Dave passed away unexpectedly despite of constant treatment and love and care that Maria had been giving him. His heart stopped and with it his beloved wife lost any meaning in life. It is nearly impossible to describe the depth of pain and despair that Maria felt, far away from her family and close friends.

Support in hard times

After the funeral, Maria realised that her visa was going to expire soon and she needed to do something. She had her home here, her job and colleagues; she found new friends and a new family, Dave’s relatives, and her husband’s grave was here too. She could not imagine having to go back to Russia.

What’s next? What could she do? What type of visa would she need to apply for now? Maria was completely lost.

Fortunately, Maria had a friend in London that recommended her immigration lawyers from Imperial & Legal that spoke Russian and had huge experience in their field. Lina arranged for a detailed consultation for her friend. Immigration lawyers explained to Maria that she was eligible to apply for permanent residence which, she knows now, is also called an indefinite leave to remain. She could do it simply because she had lived with her husband for 6 years in Wales and they had had relationships for 3 years prior to that.

It had been just a month since the funeral, and Maria was going through hard times. She did not want to talk to anyone let alone go anywhere. The heartache was unbearable. That is why a team at Imperial & Legal was trying their best to minimise Maria’s involvement in the process of preparing and submitting a settlement application. She received her new documents in 4 weeks’ time. That was good news; Maria could continue her life in the UK and it was good to know that she had someone to rely on in any situation.

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